Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Change A Jeep Crank Sensor

Silver a Jeep Eccentric person Sensor

Your Jeep may commitment a current Eccentric person sensor whether it is starting adamantine, running Rugged or stalling randomly. The Eccentric person sensor is positioned on the bell housing of all six cylinder Jeeps and is bound for reading the rapidity and position of the Eccentric person shaft when the engine is running. The sensor transmits that data to the engine's CPU or pc where it is used to halt engine ignition timing, fuel mapping and flow further as other variables. A advanced Eccentric person sensor, or CPS, can be purchased at your Jeep dealer or any Car parts store.


1. Place the Eccentric person sensor on the transmission ring housing. You can follow the wires across the transmission to find the connector easily.4. Remove the crank sensor and discard it. Plug the new sensor into the wiring harness connector on the engine, making sure it is locked in.

Slide the sensor off the mounting studs and lay it on the transmission for now.

3. Locate the electrical connector on the passenger's side of the engine and disconnect it by releasing the locking tab on the connector and pulling it out of the wiring harness connector. It is on the left or Chauffeur's side of the phone housing approximately three barracks of the plan up from the backside of the transmission.2. Remove the two retaining nuts that hold the sensor to the bell housing with a socket and ratchet. You may need an extension on the ratchet to arrive the nuts.

Lay the wiring across the transmission and install the sensor onto the mounting studs on the bell housing.

5. Install the retaining nuts onto the studs and tighten them with a socket and ratchet. Test-run the engine to verify that the crank sensor is working properly.