Thursday, 24 December 2015

Install Spring Hinges For Screen Doorways

Adding a Shade to an exterior door opening offers desirable ventilation in the warmer months of the year. Installing it with self-closing spring hinges puts less stress on the frame than the old-fashioned spring and hook arrangement we may bethink as kids and holds the door closed with an still force that keeps it sealed tight against insects.


1. Position the screen door in the door opening. Rest the model of the door on wood shims at both sides to equalize the side and top orifice between the contour of the Shade door and the door doorpost.

2. Degree down from the top of the door on the hinge side encompassing 8 inches and stop both the door and the door doorpost at this mark.

3. Degree up from the mannequin of the Shade door on the hinge side enclosing 12 inches and speck both the door and the door pillar at this speck.

4. Remove the Shade door from the door doorpost and place across sawhorses or on a Apartment lodgings surface. Degree the distance between the centre lines striking on the door in Steps 2 and 3 and site the centre site between the two marks. These three lines are the spring hinge centre lines.

5. Position one spring hinge centred on the upper speck on the Shade door striking in Method 2. Use an awl to mark the centers of the screw holes in the hinge flange, keeping the spring cylinder centered over the edge of the door frame. Open the screen door and allow it to shut to verify the fit and that the door closes completely.10. Install the screen door handle and hook latch.

7. Hold the door in the door opening and rest the bottom on the wood shims positioned in Step 1, making certain the gap between the edge of the screen door's frame and the jamb is the same on both sides.

8. Mark the centers of the spring hinge screw holes for all three hinges with an awl. Secure the three hinges by attaching the each hinge flange to the door jamb with the screws provided.

9. Attach the spring to the door with the screws provided.6. Repeat Step 5 for the remaining two hinges at the center marks determined in Steps 3 and 4.