Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Replace An El Camino Oxygen Sensor

In that O2 sensors overseer the fuel-to-air alloy ratio, most cars that did not integrate catalytic converters in their exhaust systems did not acquire O2 sensors. The sensor not sole regulates the fuel/air ratio, it and transmits the earful to the powertrain state module (PCM) via a voltage expression and makes compensatory adjustments. The fifth-generation El Camino is the lone base of the vehicle that used a combined catalytic converter-oxygen sensor emission discipline manner.


1. Lift the El Camino onto a vehivle lift and bring it up to a comfortable heighth to grindstone at from underneath. Lay on the safety glasses before getting under the vehicle.

2.6. Apply a light amount of anti-seize compound on the threads of the replacement sensor. Do not let the compound come into contact with the sensor's head.7.

Unplug the sensor wire from the harness plug.

4. Spray the exposed threads of the sensor with a generous amount of penetrating oil.

5. Place the wire through the closed end of a box-end wrench and place the wrench on the hexagon-shaped base of the sensor. Turn the sensor counterclockwise to unthread it from the exhaust pipe. Remove the oxygen sensor. If necessary, apply heat to the exhaust pipe area and expand the metal of the pipe to help remove the sensor.

Place the catalytic converter near the centre of the El Camino's undercarriage and succeed it to the front Y-pipe for the oxygen sensor.3. Follow the wire coming from the oxygen sensor to the nearby wire harness plug.

Screw the sensor into the exhaust pipe's porthole by hand and then snug it tightly with the wrench.

8. Plug the oxygen sensor wire back into the wire harness plug.