Friday, 18 December 2015

Repair A Starter Inside A 1985 Volkswagen Jetta

The Volvo's solenoid is located on the away of the starter occasion.

Before you alternate the starter in the 1985 VW Jetta, assemble decided remainder of the development involved in the starting course is working properly. The ignition switch should be working, the battery should be fully charged and the alternator should be charging properly. Further, the battery terminals and the wiring from the battery to the ground and the starter should be freebie of corrosion.


Make sure it is flush with the case. Lift the starter into place. Install the top bolt and screw it in three or four threads. Insert the bottom bolt and screw it in three or four threads. Disconnect the considerable cable, which comes from the battery pleasant, from the starter solenoid, which is located on the starter.

2. Remove the starter bolts, top bolt fundamental. The starter is massive, so be prepared to ease it with one plam while working the socket with the other. You could too application the floor jack to help the starter. Pull the starter straight off the bellhousing. Whether you corner a tome transmission, there Testament be a bushing where the starter shaft goes into the bellhousing. The bushing should further be replaced. It could be removed with an inside-bearing Emigration baggage.

3. Guide a au courant bushing into place, if you are replacing the bushing.1. Disconnect the opposite battery cable and levy it aside. Jack up the front of the Jetta with the floor jack, then cooperate it with jack stands. Tighten both bolts to 43 foot-pounds of torque if you have a manual transmission. Tighten the bolts to 14 foot-pounds of torque if you have an automatic.

4. Reconnect the starter wires. Tighten the nuts firmly, but do not over tighten them, as you will destroy the stud. Reconnect the battery ground cable.