Thursday, 24 December 2015

Use A Vehicle Alarm Inside A Toyota Camry

Protecting the Toyota Camry with an aftermarket alarm provides security for your motorcar and its words. Installing an alarm in the Toyota Camry requires removing the Chauffeur door trim on early models and a working consciousness of vehivle electrical systems. This project takes approximately two hours and a group of patience.


5. Secure the shock sensor as directed by the alarm manual and connect all of the alarm system wires to the alarm control module. Mount the control module as far into the dash as possible with zip ties.6. Connect the alarm power wire to the positive battery cable and run it along the firewall to the driver's side.

2. Mount the alarm siren per the alarm manual and feed all of the wires into the cabin through the firewall. Some models require drilling a hole through the firewall for access.

3. Drill a small hole in the dash for the LED light and snap it into place. Identify the starter wire in the ignition bundle under the steering wheel and connect the start disable relay.

4. Remove the driver door trim by unscrewing the fasteners in the door handle and unsnapping the clips. Identify the power lock relay and attach the alarm lock module. Run the wires through the bundle between the door hinges and into the lower part of the dash.

1. Study the alarm manual carefully as every alarm implements varies in its connexion methods and wiring. Accessible the hood and disconnect the worthy battery cable.

Reconnect the positive battery cable and test the alarm. Adjust the sensitivity level as desired and secure any loose wires with zip ties.