Friday, 25 December 2015

Make Use Of An Oxyacetylene Cutting Torch

Propel your torch safely.

An oxy-acetylene torch is a handy part To possess in a garage. Torches can heat stuck bolts, bend metal, decrease metal pieces to immensity and weld them stable. Moreover to all this, oxy-acetylene torches are accessible to memorize to exercise. With a inappreciable experience, a do-it-yourself type can come almost an Professional with a cutting torch and acquisition himself using it oftentimes for a disparateness of tasks.


Lighting the Torch

1. Turn the valve on top of the O2 cistern all the system conduct.

2. Turn the valve on the acetylene receptacle 1/4 to 1/3 of a turn to airy.

3. Verify that the O2 valve on the cutting torch is closed.

The speed of your movement will depend on the thickness of the metal and the size tip on the torch. The proper speed will result in a continual stream of sparks as the metal is cut. You should go as fast as you can to control the torch and get continual cutting.14.

Unlocked the acetylene valve on the torch to elaboration the flame. Immediately introduce oxygen into the flame by opening the oxygen valve on the torch.

6. Adjust the two valves (cutting torch oxygen and acetylene) until you obtain a short, bright blue flame at the torch tip with no yellow.

7. Adjust the acetylene regulator to approximately 10 psi. Turn the screw in to increase the pressure and out to diminish it.

8. Adjust the oxygen regulator in the same manner to a pressure between 40 and 60 psi.

9. Adjust the acetylene and oxygen valves as necessary to preserve the correct flame.

Using the Torch

10. Ensure that the piece to be cut is positioned so that no part of the support is under the cut line.

11. Hold the torch close to the work; the bright-blue portion of the flame should touch the edge of the area to be cut.

12. Heat the work until the edge starts to glow. Small sparks may start to come off the metal.

13. Press down on the cutting lever and open it fully. Move the torch along the line you want to chop.4. Lambent the torch by production a Glimmer with the Glimmer lighter remain of the cutting gratuity while opening the acetylene valve slightly.5.

Close the acetylene valve first, then the cutting tip oxygen.

15. Close the tank valves.

16. Open the acetylene valve on the torch to purge the gas from the hose, then press the cutting lever to purge the oxygen hose. Close the oxygen valve on the torch handle.