Thursday, 17 December 2015

Wirefeed Weld

Wire-feed welding, once mastered, allows you to function a welding torch and a wire feed simultaneously. Experiment with different welding motions. Moving the welding tool in a long, straight line will allow for a narrow, deep weld bead, while moving the welding tool in a curved motion will create a wider bead with less penetration.

Provided you are using flux-core wire, proceed to the attached transaction.

2. Squeeze the trigger of the welding torch to bonanza a wire refreshment hurry that you are comfortable with. The wire, at all times, should protrude about 1/2 inch past the welding torch.

3. Orient the welding wire toward the joint to be welded, and stroke it against the surface of the joint to ignite a welding arc.

4. Although wire-feed welding requires training before you can bag the procedure with difficulty, wire-feed welding is remarkably a trouble of adjacent specifications and observing techniques particular to the training.


1. Connect an argon/CO2 Gauze hose to the welder, provided you are using solid-core wire.