Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Disconnect A Vehicle Battery To Totally reset The Pc

Disconnecting a Automobile Battery

Provided your trial engine flashing comes on in your van, the early tool to come to genius is if there is a repair needed or whether the brilliance was triggered by a defective decision. Many bodies conforming to reset the Research Engine burnished to inspect whether the motorcar's on-board pc triggers the duplicate alert. A habitual arrangement of resetting the Research Engine clear, although not necessarily recommended, is to disconnect the machine battery to remove the capacity source to the motorcar's central pc.


1. Extensive the hood of the automobile and allot the battery. In many cars the battery is in open judgment as soon as you conduct the hood. Whether this is not the occasion, consult to the owner's publication of your vehicle to discern the battery direction. Some cars store the battery under the back seat or in a designated compartment in the front fender. The owner's textbook Testament ascertain the battery location and fit directions for cut access.

You have never taken away the power supply to the central computer, although some electricity is still stored in the car's capacitor.4. Drain the remaining electricity from the battery. Even though the battery has been disconnected, there will still be a small amount of electricity that is stored in the engine. Sometimes it is connected directly to the negative battery post, but some cars attach it directly to the car body. Disconnect the cable and position it so that the end of the cable is not touching any grounded metal.

3. Use a 3/4-inch wrench to disconnect the positive battery cable. This is the cable with red insulation, connected to the positive battery post. Loosen the nut and remove the cable from the battery post. Position the cable so that the end is touching no part of the car body.2. Disconnect the negative battery cable using a 3/4-inch wrench to loosen the battery cable. The negative battery cable is the one that has black insulation on the wiring.

The easiest way to drain the electricity is to hold down on either the brakes or the car horn until there is no power left. This will deplete all electrical components of having power, including the car's central computer.

5. Wait 10 to 15 minutes for the memory banks to clear. Many cars have a safety feature built into the computer where the memory will remain unaltered for a period of time after being cut off from a power supply.

6. Use the 3/4-inch wrench to replace the positive and negative battery cables in the opposite order that they were disconnected (positive first, then negative). Once both cables have been connected, start the engine of the car to begin supplying power to all of the electrical components again, including the on-board computer.