Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Remove A Sunroof

Provided your mature sunroof needs replacing, or whether you're decent beat up of the sunroof and aspiration to install a metal replacement cap, you'll occasion to remove the sunroof before you can establish your exertion. This may take quite a bit of elbow grease, since silicone is not designed to come off easily.

You may thirst for to completely disconnect the battery of the motorcar to arrange positive no one gets burned and none of your electrical process is damaged in this step.

2. Unscrew any clamps or hinges that are retaining or locking the glass.

3. Roll the glass backwards and lift elsewhere from the top of the van provided you are trying to remove a spoiler style sunroof. Simply lift away the glass whether you are fascinating outside a pop up sunroof. For a comprehensive sunroof, carefully slide the glass forward and disengage it from the tracks.

4. Pull off any border trim from the inside of the frame.

5. Pop the inner phone of the frame that holds the headliner in abode.

6. Unscrew the cam bolts or screws from the frame. In a comprehensive or folding sunroof, there Testament imaginable be approximately six screws on either side, while in smaller pop up or spoiler type sunroofs there Testament be approximately three cam bolts whose heads can be get going fair-minded inside the frame surface and may obligation an Allen wrench to remove.

7. Unscrew and remove the wind deflector if one is installed on the top of your sunroof.

8. Apply a silicone sealant remover to the frame edges to loosen the frame from the car. Allow it to sit for at least 15 minutes.

9. Use a towel-wrapped chisel or dowel and a hammer or mallet to gently pry the frame from the car. If the frame does not come off easily, or at all, allow the sealant remover more time to work.

10. Pop the outer frame out of the hole and off the car.

11. Clean up any silicone residue left behind with rubbing alcohol and a course rag. If you do not need to maintain your paint job around the sealant, you can use a razor blade to scrape the remainder off. With careful worry to the details, anyone can remove a sunroof easily without bad the roof, headliner or upholstery of their machine.


1. Disconnect any electronic motors for the sunroof.