Thursday, 24 December 2015

Execute A Compression Test Around The Engine Inside A Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang comes with either a V6 or a V8 engine, and it is primary to direct these engines running properly to receive the most elsewhere of them. Whether the motorcar loses competency, burns oil or runs poorly, performing a compression comp on the engine is an evident fashion to finish what is fallacy inside of the engine without tearing it apart.


1. Engender by anterior warming up the engine in the Ford Mustang. Performing a compression test on an engine that is bloodless Testament fabricate inaccurate results. Trial the vehivle's battery to be definite that it is in useful dispute so that it Testament be able to spin the engine various times.

2. Disable the ignition step and remove all of the Glimmer plugs. Whether the vehivle contains a V6 engine, there Testament be six Glimmer plugs, however whether it has a V8 engine, there Testament be eight. The starter can now spin the engine freely.

3. Insert the compression tester into one of the spark plug holes and crank the starter. You need to retest any cylinders with a low reading.5. Compare the test results to the recommended manufacturer compression ratio. A Ford Mustang with a V6 engine should have a reading of 9.7:1.

Repeat this procedure for each of the six or eight cylinders, depending on engine size. Compare these test numbers to each other. If they aren't similar and vary by more than 10 PSI, there is a problem. Spinning the engine builds compression on account of cylinder, producing a reading on the compression tester. Write down the compression number for that cylinder.4.

One with a V8 engine should have a 9.8:1 compression ratio. If the numbers are off by 15 or more PSI, there is a problem.

6. Add a capful of motor oil to any cylinders with a low reading before retesting them. If this causes the number to increase, there are worn cylinder walls or piston rings. If the number stays the same, the cylinder has worn valves or valve seats.