Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Report Potholes In Bay Area

The bane of tires, rims and undercarriages, potholes are a pervasive doubt across the homeland’s roadways that can guidance to vehicle damage, accidents and deeper. In San Francisco, the Branch of Common Works is dedicated to working with its citizenry to carry the megalopolis roadways sunshiny of the looming land mines by repairing them as quickly as credible. Whether you fall easy make to one of the megalopolis’s swallowing sinkholes, share a minute to Announcement it so those closest in your wake won’t suffer the identical nemesis as you. Much provided you’ve successfully skirted the gap, notifying authorities may effect your sheltered paragraph on another contingency when you’re not fully paying attention to the ruts in the road.

Email the DPW at to report the hole.

Find a pothole. Unfortunately, this is the easiest step, because it’s generally not about you finding a pothole as much as it is about a pothole finding you.

2. Note the address. The street name is important, as are any cross streets. If you can, find the number on the building closest to your pothole. Being as specific as you can will assure that the DPW targets your pothole and not another of the roadway’s pockmarks.

3. Dial 311 from your cell phone or land line to reach the San Francisco Department of Public Works and report the pothole and its location.



On Pothole Patrol