Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Position Of The Tire Iron On The 1998 Ford Xlt

Locating the works tire jack and tire iron on your 1998 Ford XLT Motor lorry can be confusing. Locate the radiator support bracket near the front of the engine compartment. You should see the jack handle and the tire iron clipped or fastened onto this support. Remove the tire iron from the holder by gently pulling on it until it is released.

1. Frank the Chauffeur's side door of the Motor lorry and pull the hood Proceeds lever to pop the hood.

2. Double o down at the Motor lorry's radiator in the engine compartment. The radiator is the long, rectangular metal box near the front of the truck. It has a cap on top of it for adding water.

3. The tire iron, otherwise admitted as the lug wrench, is stored under the hood in the comprehensive majority of late-1990's example Ford trucks, including the 1998 XLT F-Series and Ranger. Tire irons are typically stored in distinctive compartments, or with the spare tire, in most SUVs and cars; these hidey-hole style compartments normally effect not exist in most Ford Motor lorry models and can sufferance Motor lorry owners wondering where the tire iron is when they necessitate to quarters their tires.