Friday, 13 November 2015

Haul A Vehicle Dolly

Haul a Van Dolly

Secure the vehicle with the over the tire straps and ratchet them tightly. Hook the safety chain to the towed vehicle's chassis to insure that it does not come loose if a strap breaks. Check all straps and chains every 50 miles. While some owners choose to tow their vehicle with a tow bar, this requires yet mechanical alteration to the vehicle To admit the wheels to roll on the highway without ruining the transmission. A tow dolly eliminates this expensive headache.


1. Prepare the tow vehicle. The vehicle doing the towing must enjoy a assemblage 2 hitch (3,500 lbs. minimum weight carrying adjudjing) with a ball not to exceed 25 inches in heighth. It must besides include exterior mirrors and be wired for trailer lights.

2. Hook up to the tow dolly by placing the receiver over the tow vehicle's 2-inch ball and securing the fastening. District the dolly's safety chains onto the tow vehicle's hitch in a crisscross process. Connect the tow dolly's lighting plug into the tow vehicle's connector. Countdown the lights to insure that the taillight, end and turn signals are working on the tow dolly. Build sure that none of the safety chains and/or straps is dragging.

3. Prepare to haul the tow dolly. Adjust the tow vehicle's mirrors so that the Chauffeur can contemplate the tow dolly. Deposit the vehicle's hurry at or below 55 MPH while towing the dolly. When loading a vehicle onto the tow dolly, build persuaded that the front tires fit on the cradle and lock the steering limit.All across the highways and bare roads you can good buy vehicles continuance towed. There are many reasons for towing a vehicle, nevertheless, one of the most accepted is to tow a vehicle carry on a Engine family. Many motor home users adore having the maneuverability and assist of driving a smaller vehicle once they arrive at their destination.