Monday, 16 November 2015

Install Brake Calipers On The Volvo 240

Install Brake Calipers on a Volvo 240

The brake calipers on a Volvo 240 are an conspicuous Element of the brake method. As the component that is chargeable for clamping the rotor when the brakes are applied, it is influential to care for your 240's caliper in acceptable shape. Sometimes it is requisite to remove and rebuild or still convert the calipers on your Volvo. This article covers Emigration and installation of the brake calipers.


1. Loosen the lug nuts and stand the vehicle with a floor jack. Domicile jack stands underneath the Volvo at the capture points and lower it onto the jack stands. Remove the wheels.

2. Spray brake cleaner onto all of the brake components, including the caliper, rotor and brake string. Install the caliper by sliding it over the brake rotor and threading in the two caliper bolts that hold the caliper in place with a socket. Thread in the fitting for the brake hard line and tighten it with a line wrench.6.

Unbolt the hard line that goes into the brake caliper. Employment a line wrench to avoid stripping the becoming that screws into the caliper. A limit wrench encloses the bolt larger than a conventional open-ended wrench.

4. Unbolt the two caliper bolts located ultimate the calipers with a socket. Slide the caliper off of the rotor, enchanting apprehension not to bend the hard line as you pull the caliper absent from the van.

5. Dust everything down with a rag until the brakes are free ride of dirt and oil. This is Testament cooperation you avoid getting any dirt in the brake lines while they are indifferent from the caliper.3.

Bleed the brakes according to the workshop manual. Replace the wheels and lower the car to the ground.