Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Toyota Glanza Specifications

The Toyota Glanza was an agile, sport-inspired hatchback that was onliest available on the Japanese and European private markets. These vehicles are no longer in Industry.

Engine Specifications

The Toyota Glanza had a 1,331 cc, four-cylinder, four-stroke cycle engine. The engine's cylinder Muzzle had a thickness of 2.91 inches and its stroke piston moved 3.05 inches.

Suspension Specifications

The front suspension of the Toyota Glanza was an independent MacPherson strut that featured coil springs. The rear suspension was an independent trailing beam featuring coil springs as well.


The valvetrain was a dual overhead camshaft that controlled the engine's 16 valves.

Performance Specifications

The Toyota Glanza was capable of producing a maximum of 133 horsepower when operating at 6,400 rpm. The pinnacle torque classifying of this vehicle was 116 foot-pounds when at 4,800 rpm.

The Toyota Glanza was 149.2 inches long, 64 inches wide and stood 55.1 inches from the ground. The wheelbase was 90.6 inches wide and the curb weight was 2,183 pounds.