Friday, 20 November 2015

Remove 2005 Ford Mustang Brake Pads

Remove 2005 Ford Mustang Brake Pads

Allot the bolts to the back of the caliper. The caliper is the Element sitting on top of the rotor.4. Unscrew the bolts in back of the caliper with a socket wrench. The calipers utilize a pad that absolutely makes contact with the rotor. These pads wear down over continuance and needs to be changed once the pad is worn down.


1. Hoist the Chauffeur side of the vehicle. Unscrew the lug nuts with a tire belongings.

2. Part the rotate off the studs. This Testament come across you access to the braking components.

3.The 2005 Ford Mustang uses a four CD braking action. When you lay your foot on the brake pedal, hydraulic fluid is pushed terminated the brake lines. This pushes the calipers against the rotor and this friction causes the machine to barricade.

There Testament be two bolts holding the caliper to the axle.

5. Slide the caliper off the rotor. Flip the rotor over to access the brake pads.

6. Unsnap the pads sitting in the caliper. They are held on by clips and can be pulled out by pulling on them with your fingers. There will be two brake pads per caliper.