Wednesday, 18 November 2015

What Can Cause A Vehicle To Drag Left

Whether your machine is pulling to the left, it could be for one of various imaginable reasons.

Tire Pressure

Bow with the clear solutions ahead. Your van may be pulling to the left since of incorrect tire strength.

Provided you are constantly applying compel to the steering shove of your vehivle to carry it between the lines on the means, it can be a safety burden. When a van begins pulling to the left, it may creator you to unintentionally drift into the median or into advancing traffic. A motorcar should manage in a straight string all the more with no hands on the trundle. There are a infrequent reasons why it would pull to the left.

A automobile Testament tend to float slightly toward an underinflated tire. This Testament margin to uneven tire wear and wind up costing you means for replacement tires too as contributing to your handling puzzle.

Call a tire gauge to test the air vigour in all the tires. Proof the levels against the manufacturer's advocacy in the owner's publication. Whether the left front tire has a significantly lower air pressure than the front right, then this is probably the main cause of your car drifting to the left.

Uneven Wear

If the front left tire has uneven wear, especially toward the outside of the tire, then it could be causing the car to pull. A tire generally drifts toward the uneven wear, so worn out treads on the outside of the front left tire could easily cause a slight pull owing to direction, assuming the front right tire is in good condition.


Another reason a car might pull to the left is an alignment problem. This may have to do with the camber, or angle, of the wheels. According to the AA1 Car website, a car will pull toward one side if it has too much positive camber on that side. This may be a result of a bent strut or spindle, a collapsed control arm bushing, weak springs or another physical fault within the undercarriage.

Generally, a realignment service at the shop will take care of misalignment or related problems.

Brake Problems

If your car is pulling to the left, it could be because the left-side brakes are dragging. If the problem appears to be worse when the brakes are applied, then this is likely the case.

The problem may be caused by several components within the braking system. The brake caliper could be sticking or not releasing completely because of too much fluid in the master cylinder's reservoir. It could also indicate a weak brake drum or misadjusted brakes.