Thursday, 19 November 2015

Dent Removal Tips

Removing dents from a van doesn't gain to be a arduous career.The easiest journey to remove dents is by using a paintless means. This solitary works provided the dent has no stain chips that affirm the bare metal of the machine. Provided naked metal is exposed to the air, rust can penetrate the metal in less than Day and night.

Rather than paying hundreds of dollars for a collision shop to remove the dents from your motorcar, you can end it yourself. It does receive some skill and combat to conclude greater thing endeavor, on the other hand with a scarce tips you can remove dents with apart a sporadic tools and a meagre hours of employment.


Analysis the dent and surrounding areas to adjust undeniable there is no naked metal. Whether there is single a humble extent, embrace it with touch-up stain after the dent is repaired.

Jewel a household plunger to utilize on the vehivle. Wet the dent with aqua and dust it with dish liquid. Press the plunger against the automobile to dream up suction, then pull it back using the same motions as you would to plunge the toilet. Do this until the dent pops back into place. You may need to slide the plunger around to different areas of the dent if the dent is large. The dish liquid and wet surface allow the plunger to easily slide around on the sheet metal.

Hammer and Dolly

This method of removing dents works well if you have access to the back side of the dent. For dents on fenders, remove the plastic lining inside the wheel wells. For dents in doors, remove the inside door panel to receive to them. For dents on the rear of the car, removing the carpet liner in the trunk may reveal the back side of the dent. Use a body hammer and dolly, either wooden or metal) to gently tap the dent out. Place the dolly against the highest point of the back side of the dent. Gently tap the dolly with the hammer until the sheep metal moves back into place. With some dents, a few taps may pop it back into place. Other dents need to be shaped into place with more tapping.

Body Filler

For small dents, body filler is an easy way to go. This requires no drilling or using a dent puller. Sand or grind down the paint in and around the dent to remove old paint and primer. Apply a thick coat of body filler so that it stands higher than the surface of the car. Allow the filler to dry for at least an hour and then sand it smooth with rough 120 grit sandpaper. Once the area is smooth with the surrounding surface of the car, you can apply primer and then paint to completely finish the dent.