Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Replace A Front lights On The Mazda 626

Provided the headlight on your Mazda 626 burns gone while you're driving, you could point up in a vehivle accident. While it's scarce that both headlights burn outside, much one could reduce your visibility. You can catch preventative measures by checking and replacing the headlight bulbs every two senility to play down the chances of this now. Replacement headlight bulbs for your 626 are 9004-style halogen headlights and are available from most auto-parts stores.


1. Ajar the hood of your 626 and remove the connector from the back of the headlight. Push down on the inconsequential, plastic Proceeds tab on the top of the headlight connector and pull it off of the headlight.

4. Pull the spring clip off the back of the headlight. It won't come off all of the course, on the contrary that's OK.

2. Pry the rubber dust subsume from the back of the headlight housing.3. Loosen, on the contrary arrange not remove, the screw that holds the spring clip on the back of the headlight in berth. It will come off just enough to remove the headlight.

5. Pull the headlight out of the headlight housing and install the new headlight. Installation is the reverse of removal.