Friday, 13 November 2015

Switch The Brake Pads Inside A Sunfire

Most Sunfire models convenience Teves style calipers.

Provided at any interval your Pontiac Sunfire has episode stopping or you hear a grinding sound when applying the brakes, you want to spending money the brake pads. You will likely need to change them at some point after 60,000 miles. Replacing the pads on the Sunfire is very much like doing so on other cars. You will, however, need to make sure you have the correct wrench and equipment for your Sunfire's calipers and make sure you get replacement brake pads specific to your year and model of Sunfire.



1. Siphon out at least half of the brake fluid from the car's brake master cylinder. Use a clean turkey baster or other type of suction tool that you have never used for anything else before.

2. Raise the car's front end and support it on jack stands; it is best to loosen the wheel lug nuts first. Remove the front wheels.

3. Insert the outer pad in the caliper, making sure its mounting dowels line up with the caliper holes. Install the inner pad within the caliper piston, making sure to engage the retaining clip.9.

5. Use a wire brush to clean the caliper and the steering knuckle in the spots where the brake pads touch.


6. Compress the caliper piston back into its bore using a c-clamp.

7. Coat the backing plates of the replacement brake pads with anti-squeal lubricant.

8. Remove the mounting bolts connecting the brake caliper to the steering knuckle--this requires a large Allen wrench in most cases--and remove the caliper from the knuckle.4. Remove the outer pad from the brake caliper--press inward to release its mounting dowels--followed by the inner pad.

Clean the two mounting bolt sleeves and coat them with brake slide grease or a similar lubricant.

10. Place the brake caliper back on the rotor and apply the mounting bolts.

11. But on the front wheels once you have changed the brakes for both wheels, then lower the car. Tighten the lug nuts completely after the car is back on the ground.

12. Press the car's brake pedal several times until it feels firm.