Monday, 16 November 2015

Look Into The Coolant Level Turn On A Saturn

The coolant level switch notifies the second-generation, onboard diagnostic course (OBD-II) when your radiator becomes low on coolant. Over day, this sensor can come corroded and cessation working properly. As a decision, provided your Saturn's radiator develops a leak, your OBD-II may not demonstrate a hitch. Coolant could canter absent of the radiator, which could warp the engine block as a aftereffect of overheating. Handle your Saturn onto a establish of ramps. Secure the parking fracture. Yawning the engine hood. Grant the Saturn interval to algid.2. Distance a clean drain pan under the petcock on the lower side of the radiator. Open the petcock with a pair of pliers, and drain approximately two gallons of fluid into the pan.

All Saturns in that the 1996 example year use OBD-II for diagnostics, so the development for troubleshooting the coolant level switch is the identical for any Saturn built thanks to then.



Close the petcock with the pliers.

3. Start the Saturn's engine. Wait approximately five minutes for the "Coolant" light to clarify; to light up. If the light does not illuminate within five minutes, the coolant level switch is defective. If the light does illuminate, immediately turn off the vehicle. Saturn radiators hold approximately six gallons of coolant, and you will not damage the vehicle by running it with four gallons of fluid for five minutes.

4. Open the lid on the overflow expansion tank located on the left side of the radiator. Place a funnel into the hole. Pour the coolant back into the radiator. Close the cap.