Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Keep Your Motorcycle'S Tires Wheels And Car windows

Still in gentle riding conditions, your motorcycle's tires, wheels and windscreen are constantly bombarded with course grease, brake dust and bugs. Wipe it dry with a soft clean cloth and use a scratch-removing product to erase scratches.5. Check your tires before every ride.

2. Utilize a premium whitewall cleanser on whitewall tires.

3. Indication that harsh chemical washes, brake dust and road salts can cause pitting and corrosion on your wheels. Wash and wax your wheels weekly and use a corrosion protectant to maintain the appearance of an aluminum wheel.

4. Cover the windshield with a clean, wet cloth for about 15 minutes before washing to make bug removal easier, then scrub your windshield with mild soap and warm water. Next these child's play steps Testament corrective deal in these parts in crest performance occasion.


1. Adoption a gentle cleaner on your tires and rinse beefy.

Check the air pressure and visually inspect for cracks, worn tread, and debris. Check for loose nuts and bolts.

6. Check the spokes and wheel rims.

7. Check the wheel bearings (and lubricate, if applicable) every year.