Monday, 16 November 2015

Relieve Fuel Pressure On The 2001 Next Year

Fuel injection systems hope for fuel impact to confirm a continual advantage of fuel to the injectors.

The fuel pump inertia cutoff switch cuts off the fuel avail to the engine in the fact of an accident or a roll-over. This electronic safety Slogan turns off the fuel pump in the calamity of an accident to confirm that damaged parts determine not freely spill petrol; by preventing fuel from potentially spilling closest an accident, the danger from heat damage or petrol explosion is emphatically reduced. This safety characteristic can be used to remove fuel power from a pressurized fuel process.


Depressurize the Fuel System

1. Establish the fuel pump inertia cutoff switch--on the 2001 Ford Ranger, it is inaugurate last a kick panel on the passenger's side. The kick panel is the panel on the true side of the wall, between the floor and the sprint.

2. Expansive the kick panel, or pull the plastic retainer outside from the wall to expose the fuel pump inertia cutoff switch and the electronic plug that powers the switch.

3. Pull the plug connexion to the switch (you may necessitate pliers to unlock the plug catches). This activity Testament turn off the fuel pump and Testament effect that no electronic connections are prepared. Yet though the fuel pump inertia cutoff switch turns off the fuel pump, the fuel process is yet pressurized until it is relieved of pressure.

4. Turn the ignition key to engage the starter on the engine. The engine should start momentarily.

Restore the Fuel Pressure

6. Replace the fuel pump inertia cutoff switch electronic located plug behind the kick panel. Replace the kick panel to its original position.

7. Pressurize the fuel system by turning the ignition key to the electronic start position (but do not turn over the engine). Wait 5 seconds and repeat this action twice--this allows the fuel pump to engage and pressurize the lines with fuel.

8. Depressurize the fuel system by placing a key in the ignition and starting the vehicle. The vehicle's engine may start momentarily, but will quickly stop due to lack of fuel.5. Attempt to begin the vehicle a few more times to use any remaining available fuel, and ensure the fuel system is depressurized.