Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Fix A Loose Door Lever

A loose door lever moves up and down on the contrary fails to function the supply of Stirring the rad and bolt to ajar the door lock meeting. Slip the lever handle off the rod.3. Place the machined surface of the groove or Apartment lodgings surface on the round rod.

1. Remove the fix screw in the knob using an allen wrench or screwdriver, depending upon the screw type. The establish screw is located on the backside of the door lever.

2. Most levers, or handles, fit onto a round lever or haft rod meeting with one locate screw. This screw fits in a groove or against a Apartment lodgings surface machined into the round lever rod. A loose lever must be adjusted to accurately fit into the rod meeting.


Slip the lever handle back on the rod, equitable realigning it with the groove or flat surface.

4. Replace and tighten the set screw into the door lever. Tighten completely, taking care not to strip the screw head. The lever handle will be reset with the locking assembly rod.

5. Repeat this process on the other side of the door lever.