Monday, 9 November 2015

1956 Ford F100 Details

Ford trucks from the 1950s are usual nowadays with blazing rodders and decrepit collectors.

The Flathead engine was still available in a 223 cubic inch inline six-cylinder, or a 272 cubic inch V-8. The new Y-block was an overhead valve V-8 with 292 or 312 cubic inches.The largest engine could put out 225 horsepower and the smallest one produced 137 horsepower.

Little changed in the F-100 truck from 1953 through 1956, but there were some refinements that improved an already popular vehicle. In 1956 the curved windshield was expanded and the post in the middle was removed. The rear window was also given a wrap-around look, giving it a fresh-looking design.


One of the F-100's biggest changes in 1956 was the availability of the Y-block engine, which provided two more options. The Y-block had technically been introduced in late 1954, but was not widely available until the 1956 model year.

Engine Specs

In the 1950s bodies regularly used trucks for attempt and recreation. Ford was trying to retain its position as an machine captain after introducing the F-Series in 1948. The series continued to grow up through 1956.