Monday, 9 November 2015

Instructions For Replace A Transmission Filter

Quarters your transmission fluid and filter every 40,000 miles.

The transmission filter is designed to advice isolate any debris from getting into the workings of the transmission. The filter needs to be changed when you transform gone the fluid. This Testament confirm the transmission shifts smoothly for many miles to come. Changing outside the transmission filter is a detailed task that requires dropping the pan and changing gone the fluid. When cleaning outside the pan, you Testament demand to assure you pick gone any debris that is sitting in the pan. Returns the vehicle to a mechanic whether you regard enormous chunks of debris in the transmission pan.


Removing the Transmission Fluid and Pan

1. Unlocked the hood to access the engine compartment. Pull the transmission fluid dipstick and berth it to the side for straightaway.

2. Field the automobile on a Apartment lodgings surface and lock on the parking brake is establish. Domicile a chock or breeze block under the back circle to prevent the vehivle from rolling back.

3. Pour in more fluid if the level is not on the full mark.18. Start the vehicle to warm up the transmission. Pull the shifter down through each gear and back to the "park" position.

Unbolt the at the end two bolts with the socket wrench. Push up on the transmission pan with your hands while unscrewing the bolts. This Testament prevent the fluid from seeping gone.7.

Unbolt the transmission pan bolts with a socket wrench. Unbolt all the bolts with the exception of one bolt on Everyone side. Lock up you hold a filter pan standing by before you catch away the carry on two bolts.

6. Allot the transmission under the vehicle. The transmission is attached to the back of the Engine.5.

Pull the transmission pan down and pour the elderly fluid into the extract pan. Disinfected the transmission into the empty pan with brake cleaner and a Disinfected rag.

8. Disinfected the senile gasket information off the surface of the transmission pan and the backside of the transmission.

Replacing the Transmission Filter

9. Clench the fresh filter up to the filter at the backside of the transmission. The broken down filter Testament be visible once the transmission pan is down. Match the late filter to the elderly one to establish it is the corresponding dimensions.

10. Unbolt the ancient filter from the backside of the transmission with a socket wrench. Pull the filter down and concede the fluid to filter into the drain pan. It will take up to an hour for the fluid to drain.

11. Place the new filter up into the transmission. Bolt it in with the socket wrench.

12. Align the new gasket to the transmission pan. Ensure the bolt holes match up to the bolt holes on the pan. Pull the new gasket off the pan and place it to the side.

13. Squeeze a tube of weatherstrip cement around the mating surface of the transmission pan, going completely around the bolt holes. Lay the new gasket onto the transmission pan and ensure the bolt holes are lined up to the bolt holes on the pan. Press the gasket onto the cement to help it seal.

14. Place the transmission pan up to the transmission. Start threading all the bolts to mount the transmission pan to the bottom of the transmission. Do not tighten any of the bolts until all the bolts are started.

15. Raise the car up and move the jack stands out from underneath the vehicle. Lower the car to the ground.

Adding Transmission Fluid

16. Insert a funnel into the transmission fluid dipstick tube. Pour in the recommended amount of transmission fluid into the funnel.

17.Clean the dipstick with a fresh rag and insert it into the dipstick tube. Pull the dipstick back out to check the level. The fluid will stop at the correct mark on the dipstick. Stand the vehicle by jacking it up from the front axle. Up thrust the vehicle flying Sufficiently to field jack stands under the axle and lower it onto the jack stands.4.

19. Check the fluid level to ensure it is full. Add more fluid at half-quart intervals.