Thursday, 12 November 2015

Specifications Of The Pioneer Avic N2

Colonist's Avic N2 in-dash, touch-screen GPS DVD multimedia AV navigator helps you fix upon your location and navigate to a destination by combining info from the global positioning dependency network with onboard maps.The Avic-N2 has an AM/FM radio with 24 station presets, extremely as a feature to automatically store the six strongest broadcast frequencies.

DVD Player

The DVD drive on the Avic N2 plays DVD movies, audio CDs and MP3 CDs.

You can besides adjust the brightness, contrast, colour and Colour.


There is an 8-channel GPS receiver on the Avic N2 with an antenna to pick up information approximately your residence. Coverage includes the USA (with Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada. Guidance directions are if by a recorded sound. You can besides impel it with articulation recognition using a separately purchased microphone apparatus.

Points of Interest

The Avic N2 has 11 million points of diversion, such as restaurants, Gauze stations and amusement parks, with hundreds of categories. Contrasting point of interest icons appear on the display to help you identify them while you're driving.


The Avic N2 comes with one-year roadside assistance, and there is an emergency mode that displays your current location, insurance information and VIN number (entered previously by you during set-up), which you activate by touching a button if you have an emergency.

Back-Up Camera

An optional back-up camera mounted on the back of the car sends video to the Avic-N2 so you can see what's behind you while you're backing up, extremely as a split-screen mode that uses half of the display to show video from the rear and half to show the navigation map while you drive forward.


It extremely keeps your vehicle's occupants entertained with DVD movies and measure, and works with an optional rear-view camera so you can impress a more select Stare at what's persist you when you're backing up.


The Avic N2 has a 6.5-inch touch-screen an act with a 16:9 attribute ratio, anti-glare coating and a dimmer charge.


The Avic N2 measures 7 inches by 2 inches by 6.5 inches and is installed in your car's dashboard.