Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Switch The Coolant Recovery Tank Inside A Mitsubishi Eclipse

When the cooling process begins to leak in your Mitsubishi Eclipse, the source may be the coolant recovery receptacle. Provided it begins to leak, your vehivle can overheat and eventually fail. Replacing the coolant recovery vat is an facile occupation and you don't devoir to be a licensed mechanic to cause it.


1. Place a bucket under radiator the remove plug. Be undeniable the radiator is chill to the touch before you dehiscent the void. The bleed plug on the Mitsubishi Eclipse is on the Chauffeur's side backside of the radiator. Manage the plug To admit the coolant to flow into bucket.

2. Appliance a socket wrench to unfasten the nuts, which secures the recovery cistern in position. You may exigency to avail a socket room to arrive any nuts that are in an awkward position. Settle the nuts in a defended deposit, so you won't lose them.

3. Disengage the clamps on the coolant hoses with a brace of hose clamp pliers. Finally, dispose of the defective recovery tank and clean up any mess.

The tank connectors should fit on the same the bolts as the previous recovery tank.

5. Place the nuts you removed in Step 2 on the bolts and use the socket wrench to tighten them into place. Be sure you don't apply too much force as you can damage the tank connectors. However, the connection should be secure enough that the tank doesn't move.

6. Reattach the hoses to the recovery tank and tighten the clamps with the pliers. Pull on each hose to make sure the connection is solid. If they're too loose, it can cause a coolant leak in the future.

7. Close the drain plug, refill the radiator and start the engine. Put the heating system on the high setting and let it run for about 15 or 20 minutes. Then, check for leaks around the coolant recovery tank. Then, detach the hoses from the coolant recovery cistern. Compose definite to raise the hoses as they may have leftover coolant in them.4. Remove the old coolant tank and slide the new coolant tank into its place.