Friday, 6 November 2015

Switch The Oxygen Sensor On The 1997 Chevrolet

Modify the O2 Sensor on a 1997 Chevy

Cars make-believe after 1980 are equipped with at least one O2 sensor. These sensors are genuine salient, and they degree the O2 to Gauze ratio in your vehivle's exhaust step. As well still petrol and your automobile runs bloated, whereas a motorcar with besides dwarf petrol runs gaunt, both of which can eventually rationale mechanical problems. The sensor helps lower emissions and allows your automobile to gallop exceeding smoothly. Once the O2 sensor detects an incorrect O2 to fuel ratio, the sensor has the motorcar's machine adjust to the Correct ratio. Replace your car's oxygen sensors as a part of regular car maintenance.

Use your wrench to fully tighten down the nut.6. Re-hook the end with the wires back into the wiring harness.7.

Allow all parts of your car to completely cool before beginning any work, and disconnect your car's battery before beginning.

2. Locate the oxygen sensors underneath your car. A censor looks like a thick wire, and it is found on the exhaust after the manifold but before the catalytic converter.

3. Disconnect the wiring harness using your hands or a flat-tip screwdriver if you're having trouble. If you cannot reach the sensor, use a pair of needle-nose pliers to hold the wiring harness steady while you use the flat-tip screwdriver to pry it off.

4. Locate the other end of the sensor. Unscrew the nut off counterclockwise using a 7/8-inch wrench.

5. Grab the new sensor and screw the end with the nut back into place clockwise.


1. Jack your car up and place it under jack stands according to your owner's manual.

Hook up your battery. Carefully lower your car off the jack stands.