Monday, 2 November 2015

Switch The Tail Light Inside A 1997 Ford F150

Moderate the taillight on your Motor lorry to confirm Correct visibility.

Disconnect the bulb wire connector from the back of the unit. Discard the old taillight.4. Connect the bulb wire connector to the back of the replacement taillight.


1. Situate the F-150 in "Grounds." Turn the lights off, and remove the ignition primary.

2. Expansive the tailgate, and fix the taillight that needs to be replaced. Remove the two bolts securing the fixture in settle with a screwdriver. The bolts are located on the inside of the tailgate.

3. Press the two retaining tabs in to Proceeds the unit. Remove the taillight, pulling it straight out of the tailgate.The F-150 is a full-sized pickup Motor lorry designed and manufactured by Ford Motors. The F-150 is equipped with taillights in the back of the tailgate. The taillights submission increased visibility during darkness driving and dangerous weather. When a taillight becomes damaged, it should be replaced these days to certify protected driving, too as avoiding receiving a traffic ticket.

Slide the new taillight into the tailgate. Snap the two retaining tabs into place. Replace the two bolts that secure the taillight in place. Close the tailgate.