Monday, 9 November 2015

Take Away The Rearview Mirror Button

The rearview mirror on your vehicle attaches to a rearview mirror Press-stud that the manufacturer glued to the windscreen with adhesive. Remove the setscrew from the base of the rearview mirror. The head of the screw will be a Torx head or an Allen head. A Torx head is an eight-sided star and an Allen head is a pentagon.

Deposit a ebon X on the elsewhere of the windscreen over the mounting mark of the metal button. Use a black marker. This will help you locate the proper location for the new button.

2. Push the lens of the rearview mirror up so it faces the roof of the vehicle. This allows you to access the setscrew that holds the mirror onto the metal button.

3. Provided you need to moderate the rearview mirror with a customized mirror, you Testament practicable desideratum to remove the Press-stud from the windscreen. With a meagre effortless steps, you Testament be able to remove the Press-stud so you can glue the latest Press-stud to the window.



4. Slide the mirror upward to remove it from the metal button. Place the mirror off to the side.

5. Turn the hairdryer on and hold it approximately 10 inches away from the metal button for two to three minutes. This will soften the adhesive that holds the button onto the glass.

6. Place a metal scraper against the glass, butted up against the metal button, and tap the scraper with the palm of your hand. This will pop the metal button off the glass. If after two or three taps, the button does not fall off, softer it further with the hair dryer and then try applying the scraper again.