Thursday, 5 November 2015

Toyota T100 Ac Troubleshooting

The Toyota T100 is a first-year replica of the Toyota full-sized pickup Motor lorry borderline, which was offered with optional air conditioning. The A/C process can leak or change into damaged, and troubleshooting the manner is compounded since it is extensive over the engine bay. The principles T100 owner can diagnose the air conditioning development in approximately an day.


The compressor also needs a good grounding wire, so check all grounds in the vicinity of the compressor. Inside, the controls are vacuum-actuated and may be leaking. Listen for proper operation when sliding the controls. If a hissing does not stop with a change in operation, the vacuum system could be to blame. Failed compressors and clutches Testament cause a fairy row, and could sieze completely. Evaporators and condensers normally simply leak, which makes a slight hissing sound.

Ultraviolet Dye

UV dye is used to establish a firm leak in the freon coolant transaction of the air conditioner. On the T100, the dye is injected with a store-bought valve and can, plugged into the low side nozzle of the A/C course near the evaporator. The T100 was built after the switch to 134a freon, which money the nozzles sole fit the licence valve. With the automobile running, the valve is opened, letting the course vacuum in the dye. Succeeding, after using the A/C for a extent, a black light Testament fair the leaks and their source. The UV dye Testament glow burgeoning under a black light, and a drip or spray of bright green anywhere on the A/C system is a sign of a leak.


Sometimes, the system can stop functioning due to a lack of electrical power, or the operator controls have malfunctioned. The primary wire on the T100 for powering the clutch, which engages the compressor and the system, is a green wire coming from the top of the compressor. There are two fuses, on at the driver's kick panel fuse box, and another under the hood at the primary fuse block. If these have blown filaments, replacing them will fix the immediate problem; the real reason for a blown fuse may not be apparent.

Using a wiring diagram for the T100, locate the route of the power going to the system, and have the computer checked for malfunction (most auto parts stores will do this for free).Many components of the air conditioning system Testament cause sounds when they are approximately to fail. The sounds come big when they retain failed. The compressor can conceive a chirping sound, indicating it requires added lubricant. Its attached clutch can arrange a grinding sound, which mode it could fail soon.