Thursday, 5 November 2015

Changing An Electrical Fuel Pump On The 2000 Chevrolet Silverado

The pump controls how your engine uses fuel.

Your Chevrolet Silverado's electrical fuel pump forces petrol to the engine from the fuel cistern. Popular Motors suggests that you study the pump and its fuel operation components every 60,000 miles. Over that room, benefit may wear our the pump, reducing its efficiency.8. Use the socket wrench to loosen the fuel sender access panel's bolts. Remove the panel, revealing the fuel pump.9.

Situate on the rubber gloves.

2. Lift and prop up the Silverado's hood.

3. Unfastened the rectangular battery box on the Chauffeur's side of the engine.

4. Loosen the stone at the battery's opposite terminal with the 1/2-inch wrench. A "-" symbol marks the battery's negative terminal.

5. Locate the underhood electrical center next to the battery. Text on this rectangular box's cover clearly reads "ELECTRICAL CENTER." Lift off this cover.

6. Pull out the box's four fuel pump fuses. These fuses form a square immediately to the left of the box's exact center.

7. Pop open the Silverado's trunk. Remove the trunk panel on the driver's side of the cargo compartment.

The pump runs down remarkably quickly whether you operate a clogged fuel filter or provided you ofttimes flight the vehicle with a vehicle that's lasting to empty. Interchange the pump by accessing it from a panel in your Timber.



Separate the pump's electrical connectors using your fingers.

10. Use the 1/2-inch wrench to remove the clasp that connects the pump to the fuel line. Immediately mop up any fuel that leaks out.

11. Remove the old electrical fuel pump. Insert its replacement.

12. Connect the fuel line to the new pump. Plug in the electrical connectors. Replace the sender access panel.

13. Place the fuel pump fuses back into their sockets. Close the electrical center. Connect the battery's cable to its negative terminal.