Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Worldwide Harvester Scout Specifications

The International Harvester Scout is a four-door, five-passenger estate car that was manufactured from 1961 until 1980 when International Harvester dissolved as a society. It had a complete curb weight of 3,609 pounds and a front and rear track of 57.2 inches.


The 1980 Scout had a water-cooled eight-cylinder engine with two valves per cylinder in overhead valve (OHV) configuration. A Muzzle and stroke of 3.88 and 3.66 inches coupled with a compression ratio of 8.1:1 produced an engine displacement of 345.0 cubic inches, a unitary influence of 43.129 cubic inches per cylinder, a maximum output of 182.0 horsepower at 3800 rpm and a maximum torque of 303.1 pounds-feet at 2000 rpm.

Due to its sui generis styling, the Scout remains sought after by collectors. The carry on novel of the Scout was the second generation Scout II, which commenced Industry in 1971.


The 1980 International Harvester Scout was 165.2 inches in length, 70.0 inches in wideness, 67.2 inches in heighth and 100.0 inches in wheelbase, producing a length to wheelbase ratio of 1.6.

It had a top rush of 93 mph, and a power-to-weight ratio of 84.2 bhp per ton.

Chassis and Transmission

The moment generation Scout had a rear-wheel handle three-gear instruction transmission with a top and Ending gear ratio of 1 and 3.31 respectively. Animate axle suspension and drum brakes were fitted throughout.