Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Change A Crv Tire

Grasp how facile it is to pocket money the tires on your CRV.

Once you own an vehivle, getting a Apartment lodgings tire is inevitable. Learning alternate a tire is influential for every vehicle owner. It is imaginable to receive a Apartment lodgings tire anywhere and at any day, so awake alternate a tire is acceptable enlightenment To possess. Remove the spare tire. The spare tire on the CRV is attached to the rear door. Holding elsewhere your jack and lug wrench. Unzip the protective case to expose the spare tire.

Field your CRV on a surface that is as Apartment lodgings as feasible. Once you interpret you own a Apartment lodgings tire, assign on your hazard lights and asset a Apartment lodgings surface. Levy your van in "Grassland." Allot the handbrake.

2. Happily, changing the tire on a Honda CRV is light once you hog the Correct tools and discriminate how.


1. Turn the screw on the bracket counterclockwise and remove it. Lift the tire off the door.

3. Loosen the lug nuts on the damaged tire, with the lug wrench. Turn the lug nuts enough so that they are relatively slack.

4. Raise your CRV off the ground. Place the jack on the jack point under the CRV that is closest to the damaged tire. Make sure the jack is secure and crank it to raise the vehicle. Raise it high enough so that the new inflated tire could easily fit into the wheel well without scraping the ground.

5. Take off the damaged tire. Finish unscrewing all the lug nuts and put them aside. Firmly grip the tire and pull it off the hub.

6. Line up the holes of the new tire with the wheel studs of the hub. Push the tire onto the hub. Screw the lug nuts onto the tire. Tighten the lug nuts just enough so that the tire will not fall off when the vehicle is lowered. Turn the crank on the jack in the opposite direction to lower the CRV to the ground.

7. Tighten the lug nuts on the new tire completely. Place the damaged tire on the back of the CRV and secure it. Replace or repair the damaged tire as soon as possible.