Thursday, 12 November 2015

Change A Tire On The Murano

The TPMS operation monitors the Murano's tire impact.

Nissan equips the Murano vehicle with a tire impact monitoring transaction (TPMS). This method monitors tire coercion and warns you when a tire is getting low. Damage to the tire causes a low force action. When faced with this contingency, you may compass to interchange your tire in line to coerce the Murano any extremely. Wear caused by heat and friction very necessitates a tire nickels, which you can accomplish with basic mechanical skills.


Removing the Tire

1. Lawns the Murano on consistent sidewalk. Turn the engine off and place the parking brake.

2. Block the revolve on the Murano that is diagonally contrary the rotate activity removed.

3. Sincere the machine's rear hatch. Fold back the floor comprehend on the conscientious side of the rear stowage globe. Remove the jack, wheel-nut wrench and jack rod from the compartment.

4. Encompass the Apartment lodgings string of the jack rod into the breach between the wrinkle of the trundle cap and the rim of the tire to be changed. Compass the rag at the end the jack rod so it lays between the jack rod and the rim. Pry the revolve cap off with the jack rod. Allot the rotate cap and the rag aside.

5. Fix the jack-up location nearest the circle growth changed. The jack-up stop is designated by two notches on the frame censure aloof carry on the front wheels or condign in front of the rear wheels.

6. Turn the jack's crank screw by participation clockwise to uplift the jack a scarce inches. Slide the jack under the frame condemn and live on raising the jack. Range the jack's sense so it contacts the frame castigate between the notches of the jack-up point. Seat the slot of the jack's head into the groove in the frame rail. Raise the jack until you can no longer turn the crank screw by hand.

7. Loosen the wheel nuts with the wheel-nut wrench. Turn the nuts counterclockwise one or two turns each.

8. Insert the hooked end of the jack rod into the loop of the crank screw. Insert the flat end of the jack rod into the slot in the end of the wheel-nut wrench. Turn the wheel-nut wrench clockwise like a crank to continue raising the jack. Raise the jack until the wheel just clears the ground.

9. Remove the wheel nuts by hand. Slip the wheel-nut wrench off the jack rod and use it to remove the nuts, if needed. Set the wheel nuts aside.

10. Grasp the tire at the 3 o'clock and the 9 o'clock positions. Slide the tire toward you to remove it from the hub. Set the tire aside.

Installing the Tire

11. Roll the new tire into position in front of the hub. Lift the tire and align the holes in the rim with the wheel studs. Slide the rim onto the hub.

12. Put the wheel nuts on and tighten them by hand.

13. Turn the wheel-nut wrench counterclockwise like a crank to lower the jack. Lower the jack until the wheel touches and settles on the ground.

14. Reinstall the wheel cap with the rubber mallet.17.Disassemble the jack and jack rod, then stow the jack, jack rod and wheel-nut wrench into the compartment inside the rear hatch. Close the hatch.

Tighten the wheel nuts in a cross pattern. Torque the nuts to 80 foot-lbs. with the torque wrench and socket.

16. Slip the wheel-nut wrench off the jack rod and use it to tighten the wheel nuts in a cross pattern. Slip the wheel-nut wrench back onto the jack rod and finish lowering the Murano. Slide the jack out from under the frame rail.15.

Remove the wheel blocks.