Thursday, 12 November 2015

Instructions For Alternative Of The Dodge Van Window

The windows on a Dodge car, comparable those on most vehicles, are constant within a regulator frame within the door itself. If you must modify cracked window glass or a dangerous window regulator, you Testament administer up the door's inner trim panel to daily grind on the window.

Door Panel

Roll the window down. Ajar the hood and disconnect the balky (charcoal) battery cable. This is considerable for your safety, owing to much whether the door doesn't include aptitude windows or locks, there can much be electrical connectors. Pry off the power window and door controls and disconnect their electrical connectors; use a trim stick or some other flat-bladed, nonsharp tool. If the door has a manual window crank, disengage the handle's clip to remove it. A hooked tool will do this; window crank removal tools are available at many auto parts stores.

Unscrew the panel's mounting screws, which are near the door handle, pull handle and bottom edge. Pry the panel off its clips. This may require a different tool than the one for the power controls: a flat-head screwdriver can work. Behind the panel, disconnect the inner door handle lock rod from the handle and unplug any electrical connectors.To remove the regulator, loosen the screws holding the guide rails to the door, and remove the rail's screw heads from the keyhole slots in the door. Lift up the regulator, and slide it toward the rear to remove it through the access hole. The front and rear guide rails will slide through their respective access holes.

There are two screws--one on each side--mounting the glass to the regulator's lift plates. Loosen these screws and remove the glass from the plates. To remove the glass from the door, remove the weatherstripping, insert the front of the glass between its run channel and the outer door panel, and carefully lift it out of the top end of the door.

Then carefully peel away the plastic water shield.

Removing the Window

You may need to manually adjust the window's position so that the regulator's front and rear plates are accessible through the door's access holes. Pull away the inner belt molding at the top of the door.

Installing the Window

Install the new regulator in the reverse order of removing the old one. Tighten its bolts. Then slide the replacement glass down into the door, align it within the regulator lift plates and tighten the screws to the glass. Replace all other components and the door's inner trim panel in reverse order of removal.