Monday, 2 November 2015

Details On 1989 Iroc Camaros

News on 1989 Iroc Camaros

The 1989 Camaro IROC, short for International Contest of Champions, continued Chevrolet's distant column of high-performance cars, originating with the fundamental hour 1967 to 1969 Camaro. The '89 IROC mould is articulation of the third genesis 1982 to 1992 models, in which its coupe and convertible's low, sleek and sharply angled protest style now pegs it as a 1980s vehivle.

Carry Over

The 1989 Camaro IROC is practically twin to the 1988 design, with the exception of the "Pass Explanation" theft deterrent Slogan in the ignition clue action.

"RS" Packaging

Chevrolet revived its "RS" or Rally Sport preference carton for all 1989 coupes that offers either a V-6 engine or the 5-liter V-8.

Extra Boost

General Motors' design studio developed a Camaro IROC California concept car that had softer lines and liberal use of glass that did not end up on the third generation models, although some elements were used for the 1993 to 2002 fourth generation.


The 1989 IROCs are smaller than the 1970 to 1981 third generation Camaros, measuring 5.6 inches shorter in length at 192 inches. Its wheelbase measured 101 inches, compared to 108 from the 1970s models.

Concept Car

An further 5.7-liter engine generating up to 240 horsepower was added to the IROC models solitary.

Competitive Touches

For competitive purposes, the 1989 was equipped with oversized CD brakes, stiffer suspension to civilize handling and an aluminum driveshaft.