Monday, 2 November 2015

Replace A Caliper Inside A Nissan Sentra

Replacing a brake caliper in a Nissan Sentra, or any other vehicle, is a employment not to be taken lightly. Such continuation is best kind recommended for a trained mechanic. Should you gander to alter a caliper yourself, consult such an Professional before fascinating on such a engagement.


1. Connect the lock spring and the parking brake cable back onto a rear caliper.6. Bleed the brake manner by opening the bleeder valve and having another mortal depress the pedal to remove air. (Advantage a fine vinyl tube on the valve.) Top off the skilled cylinder afterward provided needed.

Disconnect and plug the brake hose from the caliper, discarding the washers on the bolt. Remove the parking brake cable and the lock spring whether it's a rear caliper. Remove the caliper pin bolts.

3. Remove the caliper, pivoting it upward gone from the rotor and sliding it off the pin sleeve. Remove the pads, shims and pad springs.

4. Install the replacement caliper with current pads, different shims and the pad retainers. Torque the pin bolts to 16 foot pounds to 23 foot pounds.

5. Connect the hose with contemporary washers, tightening the light kernel to 12 foot pounds to 14 foot pounds. Obtain the turn off of the vehicle once it is securely raised on the jack stand. Bag the "five-star" example to remove the lug nuts, removing the kernel across from the one formerly removed.2.

7. Reattach the revolve and lower the vehicle. Test the brakes for firmness. Don't do so on the road until after they feel firm while stopped.