Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Take Away The Battery From The Mac laptop

Remove a MacBook's battery provided you essential to chicken feed it or store the laptop.

The MacBook is a laptop machine prepared by Apple. When the battery is fully charged, the MacBook can canter for up to seven hours. Provided you way to store your MacBook for extended than five months, Apple recommends you discharge the battery to 50 percent, and then remove it prior to storage. You might again compulsion to remove the battery provided it is failing and you entail to modify it with a fashionable one. Some MacBooks get batteries that you can remove and modify yourself; newer models keep built-in batteries that must be removed by an authorized Apple Utility Provider.


1. Click on the Apple logo from the menu at the top of the MacBook screen, and then click "Shut Down" to turn it off.

4. Push down on the latch to release it and open the door. Remove the access door.

2. Disconnect all cables from the MacBook.3. Turn the MacBook over and find the battery door latch.

5. Grasp the battery tab and gently pull it up to remove the battery.