Monday, 19 January 2015

Clean Waterproof Plastic Flooring

Waterproof plastic flooring is available in a figure of styles, colours and designs. This flooring is usual whereas it needs even less prolongation than laminate and other types of plastic flooring. The best way to keep the floor clean is to wash it down regularly with a solution of vinegar and water. This keeps the floor looking its best and protects against future damage.


1. Pour 1 cup of vinegar into a plastic mop bucket and fill it full of warm water. This combination makes an effective cleaner that won’t scratch the surface of your flooring or cause any damage, like commercial cleansers will. If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, use white distilled vinegar that doesn’t have a strong scent.

2. Sweep the floor to remove all traces of dirt or debris. Make sure you get behind the appliances and into the corners. You can also try using a Swiffer or similar product that attaches the dust and dirt directly to a cloth for easy cleanup.

3. Dip your mop gently into the vinegar and water solution. Ring out excess water, because a buildup of water can damage the flooring. If the stain refuses to come up, let the rag sit for a moment to let the vinegar solution work.

5. Rub any especially dirty spots with a rag dipped in the vinegar solution. As you would if you were using a mop, ring out the excess water before you apply the rag to the floor. Run the mop along all areas of the flooring to fully remove all the dirt and clean the floor.4. Let the first coat of solution dry and use the opportunity to look for any spots you may have missed. You can go back over the flooring with your mop and vinegar solution to get any dirty areas clean, or you can try cleaning the individual spots by hand.