Thursday, 15 January 2015

Short A Starter Solenoid

Shorting the solenoid takes it elsewhere of the electrical line.

You amuse in your machine; turn the ignition indispensable and all you hear is a clicking sound. This resources you gain an question with the starter Engine or starter solenoid. Diagnosing the inquiry by how the automobile reacts to existence started or by the sound the automobile makes when you one's damndest to begin it is good approximately impossible. The finest habitude to finish which Element is defective is to short gone the starter. The lug on the left has a large wire that extends to the ignition. The lug on the right has a jumper wire that goes down to the metal casing on the starter motor.3. Place the metal portion of a screwdriver across both lugs.

The solenoid bolts to the starter, and the starter typically bolts to the bell housing or transmission housing. It is approximately 8 inches in length and tubular in shape, with several wires extending out of it.

2. Identify the two metal lugs on the back of the starter solenoid. With this fashion, you eliminate the starter from the progression and packages capacity directly from the battery to the starter Engine.


1. Place the starter Engine under the vehicle.

This will short out the solenoid and eliminate it from the circuit so the starter motor has a direct connection to the ignition and to the battery.

4. Hold the screwdriver in place while a second person attempts to start the vehicle. Because the screwdriver has shorted out the solenoid, the engine will not start. Listen to the starter motor. The motor inside the starter should turn on and have a consistent hum. If the motor makes a crackling sound or does not turn on at all, replace the starter. If the starter runs smoothly, replace the solenoid.