Friday, 23 January 2015

Cut Coil Springs To Reduce An Automobile

One coil can be reduce from a coil spring to lower a vehicle.

Settle the spring compressor on one of the coil springs and use the ratchet handle and socket to compress the spring. Remove the spring from the vehicle, following the directions in the service manual. Release and remove the compressor from the spring, and repeat the procedure for remainder of the springs.3.

1. Lift the motorcar with the jack, and bedding it with jack stands under the frame. Remove the wheels.

2.Beside the distinct improvement in the looks of the vehicle, a lower impel heighth besides decreases both a vehicle's centre of gravity and its wind resistence. This pays off in more select handling and fuel efficiency. Among the techniques enthusiasts applicability to lower a vehicle, one of the blessing compromises between value, safety and competence to curb the edge creature is to chop the coil springs.


Cut one coil off each spring, using the cutoff tool. Make sure to chop the same amount from each spring.

4. Grind the cut end of each spring with the hand-held grinder to eliminate any sharp corners.

5. Compress and re-install the springs, following the directions in the service manual. Replace the wheels, jack up the vehicle, and remove the jack stands. Lower the car from the jack and check the new ride height.