Friday, 30 January 2015

Disable Remote Automobile Starters

Remote starters can be disabled without professional overhaul.

1. Locate the starter module under the driver's side dash. The starter module is a small black box with several wires coming out of it and is generally installed to the left side of the steering column.

Remote starters are erect in many cars on the path nowadays due to their beautiful functionality and low bill installation. Nevertheless, some clan may fundamentally decide to remove or disable the remote vehivle starter in their vehicle for reasons such as electronic interference or universal preference. While it is recommended that the installation of a remote starter is done by a experienced, the mechanism for disabling the manner is in truth no sweat and can be done without experienced assistance.


2. Locate the two fuses attached to the wires on the module and remove them.

3. Disable the antenna that is installed on the windshield above the mirror by unplugging or cutting its wires.