Monday, 19 January 2015

The Leading Sway Bar Torque Specifications For Any 1999 Ford F150

Ford introduced the F-150 in 1975 as a half-ton pickup. The fresh 2011 F-150 can haul 3,060 pounds. Suspension parts in a vehicle that carries a ton and a half retain to be installed prerrogative or they Testament rift. Torque specifications consult to the tightness of the fastening bolts. Provided the fastener is tightened very tightly, it Testament schism under stress. Provided it's not tightened Sufficiently, the suspension meeting Testament not create the donkeywork as it was designed to determine.


Sway bars, or extra licence, anti-sway bars, assist conduct the intent of a vehicle perpendicular to the ground. They effort against the forces that jab to produce a vehicle gratuity over when going on all sides of a corner. Trucks such as the 1999 Ford F-150 are higher off the ground than passenger cars with a higher centre of gravity. They are besides susceptible to cornering forces than passenger cars. The Correct installation of sway bars is main for unharmed driving. The exactly torque of the components of the sway bar is one of the most crucial parts of installation.

Measuring Torque

Torque is twisting enforcement. When you screw in a ablaze bulb, you're exerting a twisting force which is measured in foot-pounds, or the magnitude of twisting force all-important to lift one pound a foot in the air. Torque is measured with a torque wrench, which has a habit of displaying the extent of compel existence applied to the nut, bolt or screw. Most torque wrenches have a flexible handle and a long, thin bar attached to the head of the wrench. The handle of the wrench has a plate with levels of foot-pounds written on it. From the head down, they are the metal cap, rubber bushing, sway bar, rubber bushing metal cap, metal sleeve, metal cap, rubber bushing, lower control arm, rubber bushing, metal cap and nut. All the parts have to be on the long bolt in the correct order.

Two components of the sway bar must be tightened correctly. The stabilizer bar link retaining nuts have to be tightened to 12 to 15 foot-pounds of torque. The retaining bolts have to be tightened to 19 to 26 foot-pounds of torque.

Sway Bar Link Assembly

The Ford F-150 sway bar link connects the sway bar to remainder of the truck. It consists of ten separate parts that fit on a long bolt. The handle flexes and the bar moves along the plate, showing the amount of force. Some wrenches feature a computer read out instead of a bar and plate.

Torque and the Sway Bar of a 1999 F-150