Monday, 26 January 2015

Trobleshoot and fix The Speedometer On The 1992 Honda Accord

Troubleshoot speedometer problems on your Coincide and avoid a Journey to the garage.

The 1992 Honda Correspond ranks gigantic in resale worth and safety. Provided you note defective readings on the speedometer in your Conform, troubleshoot the speedometer on your own. This easy mechanical procedure might save you date and process by avoiding a Journey to the repair shop.


1. Applicability a Phillips screwdriver to disconnect the bezel from your Accord's dashboard. The bezel screws are located above the gauge cluster, and beside to the air conditioning controls.

2. Remove the bezel with your hands. Pull away the clips on the bezel's side. This requires one slight strength.

3. Benefit a socket wrench and extension to detach the wiring cluster from the dash. Start your Accord and drive a short distance. Note whether the replacement gauge sweeps accurately.

Fasten the replacement cluster in the dashboard with a socket wrench and extension. Replace the dashboard bezel with a Phillips screwdriver.

6. Remove the harness of the gauge cluster.4. Insert the harness into the replacement gauge-cluster manually.5.