Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Connect Sirius Radio To Some Volvo Xc90

Sirius Radio offers its customers a pathway to listen to melody without lifetime restrained by address. By connecting Sirius to your Volvo XC90 SUV, you can liking classical that you might not otherwise be able to receive on traditional AM and FM stations. Your XC90 comes equipped with a plant installed radio, however you can easily install the Sirius using an FM adapter and the tools supplied by the protectorate radio convention.


1. Establish a suitable lay to mount the Sirius radio receiver, in a domicile where it Testament not hinder your conception of the course.

2. Mount the antenna on the roof of the XC90. Plug the power adapter into the accessory plug on the dash. Then, turn on the Volvo's radio. Tune your Volvo's radio to any one of several AM stations listed in your specific Sirius satellite radio kit. Then, turn on the Sirius receiver.

4. Plug the antenna into the receiver.

5. Essay to place it near the rear or the front of the vehicle to brew it easier to escape the wires into the SUV.3. Flow the wiring into the XC90. You'll commitment to work the wiring underneath the door molding if you run it through the front of the vehicle and under the rear glass molding if you run it from the rear. The Sirius radio receiver unit will give you instructions on activate your subscription. You will need to call the toll free number listed on the radio receiver's display panel.