Friday, 23 January 2015

Repair The Rooftop With An Rv

Repair the Roof on an RV

Repairing the roof on an RV is fundamental to preserving the Belongings bill of your investment. There are many reasons a repair may itch to be performed on your roof; for the most component, it is normally due to a leaking , damaged or visually unappealing roof. A leaking roof is a exceeding health hazard: Damage to the insulation can surpass to a mould enigma, and damage to the wiring can head to a imaginable blaze risk.


1. Grounds the RV in an enclosed garage or warehouse where it can be disassembled elsewhere of the weather. The amplitude should annex Sufficiently margin to construct a fashionable replacement roof on the ground hard by to the RV, and all-inclusive ceiling heighth to exertion on-and moderate, whether necessary-the roof of the RV.

3. Remove insulation and discard provided it is wet. Videotape, proceeds photos, or build a written diagram on a poster board of all exposed wiring running concluded the roof so that you can moderate it adjacent, and then remove all of the wires. Remove all fixtures institute on the interior such as ablaze fixtures. Remove all of the column mouldings from enclosing the rim of the roof. Remove all staples that dominion the metal roof to the sidewall string. Remove the RV roof metal by rolling it up provided you Testament be reusing instead of replacing.

2. Remove all fixtures from the rooftop such as roof vents, plumbing vents, A/C vents. Operate the heat gun to soften the roof coat sorrounding cussed fixtures to avoid any damage. Remove all screws, nails, or fasteners found on the roof assembly and then remove the roof.

4. Remove weakened or dry rotted wood members or build a completely new frame that copies the original framework. Attach new ceiling panels to the existing or completely new framework with glue and staples. Cover the joints between the panels using slide-in battens. Mark the spots for easy replacements of all fixtures removed in the beginning such as roof vents, plumbing vents and A/C vents, and then drill holes for wiring.

5. Lift and place the new roof on top of the RV and attach it to the side walls and interior cabinets, copying the original pattern of the manufacturer. After the new roof is attached, re-install all wiring and interior fixtures. Test fixtures to insure they are functioning properly. Re-install insulation and roof metal. Re-install moldings and all rooftop fixtures using putty tape. Recoat fixture edges to seal in.

6. Re-install any additional interior and exterior accessories.