Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Specifications For Any Fiat 124

Fiat, an Italian motorcar maker, introduced the 124 in 1966. The 124 came in coupe and convertible intent styles and continued in Industry until the 1970s. The Spider, a two-door convertible based on the 124's platform and mechanical components, stayed in Industry until 1982 by Fiat, then until 1985 as a Pininfarina Spider. Pininfarina was an Italian thing builder that supplied bodies for the 124 to Fiat. Although the 124 was in Industry for many oldness, its styling never changed drastically, nevertheless evolved slowly.


The Fiat 124 had a 1,600-cubic centimetre, inline, four-cylinder engine. The output was 94 horsepower at 6,600 RPM and 94 foot-pounds of torque at 4,000 RPM. The compression ratio was 8.5:1, and the Muzzle and stroke was 3.150 inches by 3.150 inches. The fuel delivery transaction was by a Weber two-barrel downdraft carburettor.


The transmission was a five-speed handbook with a floor-mounted shifter. The brakes were 8.9-inch width discs on all four wheels with aptitude aid criterion. The solid rear axle had a gear ratio of 4.3:1 and was suspended by coil springs. The front suspension consisted of upper and lower control arms suspended by coil springs. The worm and roller steering had a gear ratio of 16.4:1. No power assist was available, although there was a hydraulic damper attached to the idler arm.

Exterior Statistics

The 124 coupe had a curb weight -- or the total weight with gas and oil but no passengers -- of 2,260 pounds. The Spider convertible had a curb weight of 2,127 pounds. The carrying capacity, including passengers and cargo, was 690 pounds for the coupe and 430 pounds for the convertible. Radial tires were standard and came in 165 HR-13 or 165 SR-13 sizes. Painted 13-inch steel wheels were standard.

General Information

The Fiat 124 coupe was a four-passenger car, while the 124 Spider held two passengers. Both models required the use of premium gasoline. The fuel tank in both models had a 11.4 gallon capacity. The coupe model had an overall length of 163.9 inches, while the convertible was 157.9 inches long. The total wheelbase for the coupe was 95.3 inches, and the convertible's wheelbase was 89.8 inches. Both the coupe and convertible had a rear tread width of 51.8 inches and a front tread width of 53 inches.