Thursday, 22 January 2015

Cut Aluminum Soffit

The soffit that surrounds your down home serves multiple purposes. It keeps inundate elsewhere from the foundation of your inland, keeps bugs and animals from entering your Garret and allows air to circulate ended your roof joists. The type of counsel that you avail as a soffit Testament obtain a sincere aftermath on the energy and durability of the Ending soffit installation. Durable aluminium soffit can be chop safely with double-cut sheet metal shears. The shears Testament divide aggrandized easily than a Hand-bill aphorism and Testament not bend and distort the decrease boundary of the aluminium soffit.


1. Allot a length of aluminium soffit Apartment lodgings on the surface of a worktable. Pull the trigger of the double-cut shears, tilt the handle of the shears toward the face of the soffit, and push the double-cut along the line you marked on the face of the aluminum soffit.6. Flip the cut piece of aluminum soffit over, and run the fine-tooth rectangle file along the cut to remove the bur left from the cutting process.

Drag the permanent marker along the edge of the long blade of the combination square to create a line across the surface of the aluminum soffit.

4. Align one side of the double-cut sheet metal shears with the line you made on the face of the aluminum soffit.

5. Pull the tape degree along the side of the aluminium soffit to the length required for your reduce, and place a mark on the face of the aluminum soffit with the permanent marker.2. Place the short side of the framing square against one side of the aluminum soffit and align one edge of the square's long blade with the length mark you placed on the face of the aluminum soffit.3.